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Friday, February 01, 2008

Solidarity letter from Socialist Alliance to the crew of the Triton, Darwin

To the crew of the Triton,
Members of the Maritime Union of Australia

Dear Comrades,

The Socialist Alliance sends you our solidarity in your inspiring struggle to defend union jobs and conditions against the attempt of a ruthless boss to sack you and replace you with non-union labour.

Your strong and principled stand against the attempt of Gardline to break down seafarers’ hard-won wages and conditions is an inspiration to all working people fighting for their rights at work, including the right to belong to a union.

The Rudd Labor government must immediately inform Gardline that it will cancel all contracts with the company if it does not immediately reinstate you, compensating you for time lost, and guarantee your security of employment as union members.

Promises by Bob Debus and the Workplace Ombudsman to ask Gardline to “negotiate” are simply not enough. Workers’ basic rights are not for negotiation—only your full re-instatement on a union agreement will do.

Your struggle is a major test for the new Labor government. While coming to power promising to “tear-up” Work Choices, the government intends to keep many of the restrictions and penalties against unions that were included in Howard’s hated law.

Your struggle shows that workers cannot expect justice unless and until they take matters into their own hands.

All members of Socialist Alliance stand with you in this struggle. As long as your fight continues we will work to build solidarity with you. We wish you all the best, confident that victory will be the reward of your resolute and principled action.

Victory to the Triton 11!

MUA! Here to stay!

Yours in solidarity,

Dick Nichols
National Coordinator, Socialist Alliance

Sue Bolton
National Trade Union Coordinator, Socialist Alliance

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