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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Stand up for the people of Gaza! Israel’s killing must stop! End ties with the racist Israeli state! Socialist Alliance

The Socialist Alliance condemns the Israeli massacre in the Gaza strip, which has left at least 500 people dead and 2000 more injured. We call on the Rudd government to condemn this slaughter and suspend all economic, military and cultural ties with Israel until military action ceases, the Israeli armed forces withdraw from Gaza and the Israeli siege of the territory ends.
Download placards here, here and here.

It is clear that Israel's action and invasion was planned to occur during the final days of the Bush presidency, in the knowledge that it would support Israel's aggression in the UN. It is also clear that the Israeli attacks and invasion were also carefully planned for domestic political reasons in the lead-up to the Israeli elections.

Israeli government statements that the attacks were in self-defence must be rejected. The Israeli leadership has made it clear that it does not recognise Hamas as the legitimate representatives of the Palestinian community in Gaza, and that its primary motive is to destroy Hamas whatever the cost in lives and property. The present war, portrayed by Israel as a reluctant but unavoidable response to rocket firings from Gaza, was actually planned over six months in advance.

While Israel claimed that it targeted “terrorists” in its initial air bombardment, the tonnes of bombs dropped during the initial air bombardment were mostly aimed at police stations in the middle of densely populated civilian areas. One of these attacks also took place at the same time as children were going home from school, leaving many dead or injured.

If Israel is conducting actions in Gaza only against “terrorists”, why has it banned the international media from entering and reporting on the catastrophic effects on civilians there?
The massacre comes on the back of two years of blockade imposed by Israel in an attempt to topple the democratically elected Hamas government. The people of Gaza have been denied proper medical treatment, food, clean water, power, and freedom of movement—universally recognised basic human rights.

On November 5, the Israeli government sealed all ways into and out of Gaza, cutting the daily average number of trucks entering the strip to 4.6 from 123 in October. Many Gazans have already died due to lack of basic medical treatment, food, clean water and electricity.

If the massacres are to stop international public opinion needs to let Israel know that its actions are totally unacceptable. In particular, Israel’s traditional supporters, who have clearly sanctioned this bloody operation and without whose complicity it would not be possible, must be forced to withdraw their support.

The Australian people need to stand up for the people of Gaza by making the Rudd government end its backing of Israel's ethnic cleansing of Palestine. After the world looked on at the horrors of Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Lebanon without acting to stop the killing, are we prepared to allow this to happen yet again?

The Socialist Alliance urges its members, supporters and all supporters of the human rights of the Palestinian people to join the emergency protests that are being organised around the country against this latest crime of the Israeli state. For further comment: Tim Dobson 0413 928 894

Download placards here, here and here.

Upcoming Gaza Solidarity protests and meetings (UPDATED JAN 9):

Adelaide protest: Sunday January 11, 1pm, Steps of Parliament House, City. Organised by

Australian Friends of Palestine.

Armidale protest: Saturday January 10,11am, Armidale Court House. Ph. Bea 0458 752 680.

Brisbane protest: Saturday January 10, 12:30pm, Queen's Park (cnr Elizabeth & George St), followed by a march through the city. Phone: 0413 783 853 (Abdalla), 0401 586 923 (Hamish)

Canberra protest: Saturday January 10, 1pm, Israeli Embassy. Organised by Australians for Justice & Peace in Palestine. Ph. 0417 269 984 or ajpp@riseup.net.

Melbourne protest: Emergency rally for Gaza. Stop the Massacre! End the Siege Now! Sunday January 18, 2pm, State Library. Ph. 0418 819 548 or 0439 454 375

Perth protest: Rally and march for the people of Gaza, Saturday January 10, noon, Pioneer Reserve, cnr Market St and Phillimore, Fremantle. Organised by Friends of Palestine WA. Ph. Alex 0407 850 962.

Sydney Vigil for Gaza: Thursday January 15, 7pm, Sydney Town Hall. Info Tim 0430 209 865, Ghassan 0408 605 437.

Sydney protest: Sunday January 18, 2pm, Sydney Town Hall. Organised by the Gaza Defence Committee. Ph. Tim 0430 209 865, Ghassan 0408 605 437.

Wollongong protest: End the Slaughter! Israel out of Gaza & Palestine! End Australian government support for Israeli aggression! Saturday January 17, 10:30am, Lowden Square (East side Wollongong train station) for march to Mall. Organised by Illawarra No War. Ph. Mairi 4296 2339 or Jess 0416 232 349.

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