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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pilger: 'My most optimistic film' by Jim McIlroy, Brisbane

Launching his new film War on Democracy at the Dendy Theatre on September 24, well-known progressive journalist, author and film-maker John Pilger described it as perhaps “my most optimistic film”.

War on Democracy describes the US war against democracy in Latin America, and the new rise of popular rebellion against US domination. The film describes “The people of Latin America taking control of their lives”, Pilger told the audience. “The film had its genesis in the 1960s, where I spent my first period as a foreign correspondent, and travelled extensively through the continent. I observed then the many struggles of people trying to reclaim ordinary decency, and to end the tyranny of wealth. “In the last few years, they’ve risen up again.

This film tells their story. It is also intended as a corrective to how the Western political class and media portray Latin America today.” Pilger described the Venezuelan revolution as an inspiration. “There is a real debate going on in Venezuelan society”, contrary to the impression you get from the Western media. Pilger also praised the determination of the demonstrators against US President George Bush and APEC in Sydney in early September, and the role of alternative media such as Green Left Weekly in revealing the truth about power in society. “We need new organisers and motivators in our comfortable societies” in the First World, he added.

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From: Australian News, Green Left Weekly issue #726 3 October 2007.

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