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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Support Dave Kerin

Dave Kerin

A call has come to support Dave Kerin, who’s facing prison for refusing to “rat” on fellow union solidarity campaigners.Dave is the co-ordinator of Union Solidarity, a network set up to organise solidarity for workers and unionists targeted by the Howard government's "Work Choices" legislation.

In the wake of the recent successful strike action by Boeing workers at Port Melbourne, in which Union Solidarity played an important role, the Australian Workplace Ombudsman has come after Dave Kerin and Union Solidarity.The ombudsman is demanding all documents relating to Union Solidarity's support for the striking Boeing workers be handed over. Dave is refusing to do so.

For breaking the law he could go to jail for 6 months.These laws are unjust, they're designed to crush workers’ right to organise collectively and give practical solidarity. We must support Dave and his fellow Union Solidarity campaigners.You can sign up to an online solidarity list by going to http://www.unionsolidarity.org/irnews/2008/05/defend-dave-kerin.html

Messages of support for Dave Kerin can be sent to: defenddave@unionsolidarity.org

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