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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rudd Backs NSW ALP’s Electricity Privatisation, Anyone Surprised? by John Tognolini

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has given his full support to the NSW state government's plan to privatise the state's electricity industry.

The NSW government says its plan to lease out power stations and sell all but the poles and wires assets of the state's power utilities will save the state $15 billion."Premier (Morris) Iemma has my complete support," Mr Rudd told journalists in Canberra.

The prime minister said the privatisation push was a necessary reform for the nation's power generation security.

"I understand how politically problematic it is, but we need to make sure that we get a proper generating capacity for the states for the future."

I support Premier Iemma's direction."

Is this a surprise to anyone? Remember last year the Liberals screaming that Rudd was a younger John Howard.

His nickname when he was a hatchet man in the Queensland state government was Dr Death by the unions for the cutbacks in government services and destruction of state government jobs.

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