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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Designed to help who, Mr Rudd? by Peter Boyle

"This strategy is designed to help pensioners, carers and families,and first home buyers." - Kevin Rudd in his address to the nation earlier this evening, announcing the $10.4 billion "economic security strategy" in response to the global financial crisis. Transcript: http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,24496809-5013871,00.html

Well that's total bullshit, Prime Minister. It's design to help the capitalist system recover from "worst financial crisis in our lifetime", as you described it.Pensioners get a one-off Xmas bonus which the government and the caposhope will be spent in the shopping malls straight away - so call thatwhat it is - a policy designed to help the retail giants.Pensioners DON'T get the increase to a living wage they need and deserve.

The unemployed MISS OUT - never mind their ranks are going to swellbefore Xmas. Many big companies are already putting their lay offplans in place.First home buyers get a doubling of their rebate - but again let's call thatwhat it is: a policy designed to help the building bosses!And remember the billions Rudd has already sent the way of the banksand financial institutions via soft loans and the nudge-nudgewink-wink deal so that the banks got to keep 20% of the last RBAinterest cut.

If Rudd is Santa Claus, all the pressies are really for the corporate rich.The Rudd Labor government should:

* cut the bullshit and stop bailing out the capitalist system.

* nationalise the banks (for a start) and run them in the communityinterest.

* give pensioners and the unemployed a living wage now.

* put the entire surplus (and borrow at least the equivalent) andinvest immediately in renewable energy conversion, public transport,public health, public education and public housing.

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