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Saturday, February 16, 2013

John Tognolini: Australia-Not Happy Julia & Abbot Happens

 Now Gillard has called the date of the election for September 14 I feel the need to express my feelings about the state of the nation and what is on offer. I would like to quote Shakespeare’s Romeo &Juliet and say, ”A plague on both your houses”. The thing is I’d feel sorry for the poor plague.
In regard to Abbott, I'm just going to call him Abbott Happens from now on in regard to him saying "shit happens" on being told in Afghanistan in August 2010 of Lance Corporal Jared MacKinney's death. It was a stupid macho comment. Both parties support this filthy imperialist war.
Some people won't wear any critical comments of the ALP. Sorry they stink. They are the Alternative Liberal Party and their whiffy. Yes Abbott Happens will be prime minister. It’s not something to look forward to.
I couldn't watch the ABC's Q&A the other week. Abbott Happens's attack poodle Chris Hinde was on it. Flick. And can I find any reason to like the ALP? Well apart from Eddie Obeid’s appearances before ICAC providing a consistent source of amusement about how greed is such a big factor in the ALP. No I just can’t. He and other former ALP state ministers remind me of something Groucho Marx once said "Those are my principles, and if you don't like them…well, I have others." Old Groucho was only joking about it, the ALP do it for real.

I did crack up with the NSW ABC TV News last week . First performance and rec drugs and crime gangs in the major Oz sport codes. Second  a former state minister being offered a $4,000,000 bribe over a coal mine as part of the Obeid circus that has made the ALP rather putrid in this state. They even reek more than the O’Farrell’s Liberal/Nationals. Now how do you do that?
And I’ll go off like the Guns of Navarone, when the first union leader says that a bad Labor government is better than the Liberals/Nationals. How I heard that so many times with Hawke and Keating. And what did we get? An Evil Dwarf called John Howard as prime minister for nearly twelve years who ripped off Pauline Hanson’s racist policies. We have this foul race to the bottom bashing refugees and the Northern Territory Intervention. What some call the real politik.  Is it any wonder we have an ABC newsreader and his two year old daughter being racially abused on a Sydney Inner City Bus?
We’ve had a departing attorney general putting an extra ten year ban on 37 year old federal government documents that supported the murderous Indonesian occupation of East Timor. Why because it would expose Whitlam  as a supporter of mass murder for East Timor's oil.

I’m not happy at all. Can the ALP give us one reason to like them apart from Abbott Happens becoming prime minister on September 14 -NO THEY CAN'T!

Wellington, Central West New South Wales 16-2-2013

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