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Friday, April 20, 2007

Terry Hicks speaking at a National Day of Protest

The Free David Now National Day of Protest will take place this Saturday 21 April. There will be events in Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Darwin, Adelaide, and Melbourne where Terry Hicks will be one of the main speakers.

In Sydney the protest will be at 12 noon at Sydney Town Hall; speakers include Dr Tim Anderson, Mamdouh Habib, Senator Kerry Nettle and union representative Simon Flynn.

Marlene Obeid member of Stop the War Coalition (StWC), Bring David Hicks campaign, said: „Stop the War Coalition is proud to have supported the campaign for the repatriation of David, and now to be part of the Free David Now National Day of Protest.

“David is a political prisoner; the sacrificial lamb in an immoral deal made by John Howard and George Bush.

“It is the like of them who should be behind bars, while David should be set free immediately”, Ms Obeid added.

Raul Bassi, also member of StWC, and the Justice for Hicks and Habib campaign, said: “David Hicks is not coming home; he is coming in chains to a maximum security gaol where his torture will continue for another nine months.

“Such is John Howards‚ guile that he managed a gag order for David in order to have a smooth run to the next federal elections”, Mr Bassi continued.

“But Australians are aware of John Howard’s deceit and will turn out en mass again at the National Day of Protest this Saturday 21 April.

“David, like Mamdouh Habib, deserve all our support and solidarity in their demand for justice; and with this in mind Marlene and I will be visiting David upon his return to Australia”, Mr Bassi ended.

Terry Hicks will also be speaking at a forum on the “war on terror”‚ on 19 May in Sydney and being organised by the Stop the War Coalition.

For information contact Raul Bassi on 0403 037 376 or Marlene Obeid on 0401 758 871

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