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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Letter to Evo — statement of solidarity from Democratic Socialist Perspective

Dear President Evo Morales,

We are writing from the Democratic Socialist Perspective in Australia as a statement of solidarity for your democratically-elected government and the struggle of the Bolivian people for true justice. We offer our full support and best wishes for the campaign in the recall referendums to be held on August 10, knowing full well that your presidency and the process of change your government is leading enjoys the support of the majority of Bolivian people, especially the poor and oppressed. We know that the Bolivian oligarchy, directed by Washington, cannot stand to have an indigenous man from a humble background occupy the presidency.

We realise that this oligarchy is directing a disgustingly racist and violent campaign, mobilising fascist forces, in order to attempt to impose by force what they have failed to win majority support for — the subjugation of Bolivia to a racist elite that sells the country to US and European interests.

We believe, at a time when powerful internal and external enemies are determined to use what ever means possible to destroy the democratic revolution underway, it is important to state that even half way around the world, the Bolivian struggle is being enthusiastically supported. We know the corporate media lies about Bolivia’s struggle, as it does to all struggles of ordinary people for justice. This is the case in Australia, where the Sydney Morning Herald on August 9 regurgitated the same distortions seen in corporate media globally about events in Bolivia. We will continue to use the newspaper we produce, Green Left Weekly, to counter these lies and get the real story out. We believe the example of Bolivia is important for Australian people. Here, we are struggling against attempts to privatise essential services, while in Bolivia your government is nationalising important sectors to be run for the common good.

In Australia, the most oppressed are the Indigenous people, who have never ceded sovereignty over their land and whose rights and dignity are violated daily. Bolivia today shows a way forward for justice for indigenous peoples. We have full confidence that Bolivia’s oppressed, who have been in the global vanguard in the fight against neoliberalism; who bought Bechtel to its knees; who brought down the US embassy’s puppet Goni; who placed a leader of the indigenous peoples in the presidential palace for the first time ever; who achieved the nationalisation of hydrocarbons over the opposition of the multinationals; who, despite every attempt to sabotage it, carried out the constituent assembly process to draft a constitution for a new, just Bolivia that respects the indigenous nations and reverses neoliberialism, will win their historic battle.

In solidarity, National Executive, Democratic Socialist Perspective


From: International News, Green Left Weekly issue #762 13 August 2008.

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