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Friday, November 03, 2006

Blame Howard for ABC's Axing of the Glass House by John/Togs Tognolini

"I have not axed the program," John Howard told Adelaide radio 5AA on 31 October, on the ABC comedy show the Glass House being axed. "I don't watch it - occasionally will flick it on but not very often, I do not tell the ABC what programs it should run. I respect the independence of the ABC…From time to time, if the ABC treats a news item in an unbalanced fashion I will say so, and I will say that in relation to other programs as well."
Howard said.

Are we seriously meant to believe this? After the ABC has employed a new chief censor on $280,000 a year salary, to look into and keep an eye on examples of alleged bias on ABC programs.

It is said you pay a price for your dissent. Well Howard and his ABC board stacked with Liberal Party flunkeys and the fanatic Keith Windshuttle and manager Mark Scott has extended this to satire. And satire is at its best when it is close to the bone.

Just look at what the Glass House Trio of Will Anderson, Corinne Grant and Dave Hughes, have dished out recently;

"What did Bush give Howard instead of intelligence? Carpet burns."

"How can Costello increase his popularity? Release the tape of Bronwyn Bishop turkey-slapping him."

"What was the highlight of the Queen's visit? On-call buttock-licking from David Flint."

Their false newspaper headlines included:

"Howard To Fund School Chaplains: But where will he find clergymen interested in kids?"

"Howard Vows To Stay In Iraq: Well, not me personally, I don't want to get shot";

"Strict New Bias Rules For ABC: says simpering right-wing Howard lapdog";

"Howard Urges Muslims To Treat Women As Equals: you know, like he does with homosexuals."

"If it has been axed, then it has been axed by a decision of the ABC. I haven't asked that it be axed." says Howard. Well that’s like taking a group of pyromaniacs into a National Park and leaving them with matches and Gerri cans full of petrol and not taking responsibility for the bush fire they start.

Since the Tampa election I’ve constantly referred to Howard as the Evil Dwarf. I picked this up from Kitty Flanagan, who made the comment on the axed ABC comedy/sports program The Fat straight after Tampa to explain why Australia had lost to England in both the Rugby League and Rugby Union, she said,” What do you expect? They heard the Evil Dwarf won the election.”

Is it just a coincidence that the reports of the Glass House’s termination comes a day after Liberal NSW senator Connie Fierravanti-Wells accused Corinne Grant of a serious conflict of interest being the public face of the Australian Council of Trade Union’s workplace relations campaign?

Dave Hughes said, axing the show made little sense on his radio show and urged fans to watch the remaining four episodes. Will Anderson posted a blog last night promising to "go out with all guns a'blazing".

The last episode of the Glass House will be on November 29. I was looking forward to see how the Glass House Three were going cover next years federal election, which is shaping up to based on Howard’s Muslim bashing, just like Tampa in 2001.

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