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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Current Picket Lines in Sydney

Victory this week for the workers at Thompson's Roller Shutters in Turella. The Thompson's workers had been out for 4 weeks and the turnaround in the dispute was a number of community pickets of 30-40 each.

Botany Cranes
5 Exell St, Banksmeadows (Southeastern suburbs)

Delegate sacked after disagreeing with management over OH&S issue.
Have been 4 community pickets at site and will be more to come. We are heavily involved in this campaign.

Trafalger Building Products
42 Lisbon St, Villawood

Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU)
EBA campaign as part of Campaign 2006? Company seeking AWAs.
6am to 3pm

Australian Aluminium Finishing
23 Davis Rd, Wetherill Park


Futuris Brakes
6 Wenban Pl, Wetherill Park

National Union of Workers
Company trying to impose AWAs on workers who want a collective agreement, won't negotiate with union.

Saint Gobain Abrasives
Nyang st, Lidcombe and
148 Netwon Rd, Wetherill Park

National Union of Workers

Company trying to terminate an existing collective agreement to impose AWAs, refusing to enter into discussions with the Union. Has sacked two long-time Delegates who refused to sign AWAs (reinstated earlier this week).

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