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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fight back against Work Choices and Racism in the Workplace, Support the Striking Workers at Turrella

Wednesday 8 November, 5.45am for 6:00 am

Thompson's Roller Shutters

6 Henderson Street Turrella

Next to Turrella Station (turn left at Stn exit)

Thompson's Roller Shutters, Turrella is an unfortunate example of
what life is like for workers under the Howard Governments new industrial
relations laws. After trying to force its workers to sign AWA's for over
six months the Thompson's management has taken advantage of the absence of
unfair dismissal laws and fired an employee of 13 years for complaining to
management about racial vilification within his Turrella workplace.

After weeks of harassment including racist comments written on his locker
to Lebanese bread being left in the staff toilets with racist notes
attached the man sought help from management. Not only did Thompson's
management refuse to take any steps against racial abuse in their factory
but they decided to fire this employee for "causing division" among the

Since this sacking 9 workers have gone on strike outside the Henderson
Street factory in solidarity with the sacked worker and in refusal of
management's plans to place all employees on one of Howard's beloved
AWA's. These workers, some who have been with Thompson's for over 18
years, have been trying to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement
with the company for over 7 months.

So far 7 full timers have signed AWA's and remain in the factory while 9
casual labour hired staff have been brought into take over the jobs of the
9 workers who have decided to strike.

After visiting this picket late last week members of Worker Solidarity NSW
are urging comrades and concerned citizens to participate in a peaceful
community assembly outside the Henderson Street factory this Wednesday 8
November. WSNSW believe that this kind of direct action is the most
effective way to express solidarity with those workers who are brave
enough to oppose the ongoing attacks against workers rights in Australia.

For more info:
Call Daniel on 0406 049 871

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